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Various hedging plants for every situation.


Bare root hedging available from Oct to March

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Alnus glutinosa (Common Alder)
Great hedging for a wet spot.  Sold in bundles of 25 plants. ..
Red leafed Berberis hedging plants.  Anti-intruder, wildlife friendly hedging.  Sold in..
Berberis mantoba rose
This unusual specimen has light green mottled leaves with red branches and pale new growth giving..
Berberis rose glow
With purple spotted leaves this shrub will brighten up any corner of the garden. ..
Blackthorn/Sloe (Prunus spinosa)
Vigorous, almost invasive, shrub with masses of small white flowers in spring. Malteser sized bla..
Buxus sempervirens
"Common Box" A large shrub producing masses of small dark leaves.  When regularly pruned it ..
Buxus sempervirens
Compact, hardy evergreen hedging.  Ideal for clipping in to a low formal hedge.   ..
Buxus suffruticosa
"Edging box" A dwarf or small shrub commonly used as edging for paths and beds. Price is for ..
Chamaecyparis (Lawson Cypress)
Thicker and slower growth than Leyland cypress. Big range of foliage colour to choose from – plai..
Corylus (Hazel)
Large rough leaved shrub which bears nuts on mature plants. Best for informal shrubbery or thicke..
Cotoneaster franchetii hedging
Cotoneaster franchetii hedging. A semi-evergreen shrub with sage green foliage and orange-scarlet..
Cotoneaster simonsii
This semi-evergreen erect shrub is very good for hedging has large scarlet fruits. Available ..
Crataegus lae. Rosea Plena
This species has double pink flowers.  Ideal tree for the small garden. Supplied bareroo..
Cupressocyparis (Leyland Cypress)
Very popular as a fast growing screening conifer. Available in either green or gold foliage. Trim..
Elaeagnus ebbingii
Fast growing evergreen which makes a good hedge. Attractive silver green foliage. ..
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