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Potentilla Red Robin
A compact shrub with bright red flowers. ..
Potentilla Tilford Cream
A dense dwarf bush which grows broader than it does tall.  It has rich green foliage and lar..
Privet green (Ligustrum ovalifolium)
Privet Hedging supplied during the dormant season makes a great hedge.  Supplied in bund..
Prunus Kanzan (Flowering Cherry)
Reliable late-flowering ornamental cherry with double pink flowers. ..
Prunus lauro. Zabeliana
Prunus laurocerasus Zabeliana, a low, ground covering, horizontally branched laurel with long nar..
Prunus lusitanica (Portugese Laurel)
A large evergreen shrub, or small tree.  The leaves are a dark green, with small white flowe..
Prunus serrulata
Prunus serrulata Tai Haku (Great White Cherry).  Vigorous tree with large white flowers clus..
Pyracantha Orange Charmer
A large spiny shrub withdeep orange fruits. ..
Pyracantha Red Column
A dense bushy shrub with reddish shoots and sharply toothed glossy leaves.  Has dense cluste..
Quercus robur (Common Oak)
A large long-lived tree that grows a head of rugged branches when grown out in the open. Supp..
Quercus rubra (Red Oak)
Impressive species with glorious autumn display. Supplied 175/200cm in a 10lt pot ..
Ramanas Rose (Rosa rugosa)
Several types of rose are valuable for the wildlife garden. R. Rugosa (Ramanas Rose) has stems co..
Firm favourite with a bold display of flowers on all varieties both dwarf and huge. Plant the com..
a selection of Rhododendron species supplied potted at 45cm ..
Ribes (Flowering Current)
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