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Ribes (Flowering Current)
Rosa Canina (Dog Rose)
Several types of rose are valuable for the wildlife garden. R. Canina (Dog Rose) is a rampant nat..
Rosa Rugosa (Ramanas Rose)
Several types of rose are valuable for the wildlife garden. R. Rugosa (Ramanas Rose) has stems co..
Rudbeckia (Coneflower)
 Brilliant blaze of yellow for the autumn months. ‘Goldsturm’ is a fine cultivar of ‘Black-e..
Salix Chrysocoma (Golden Weeping Willow)
A wide spreading vigorous tree with catkins and yellow bark. ..
Sambucus nigra
Lovely dark purple leafed shrub with sprays of pink flowers followed by crops of elderberries gre..
Mound forming evergreen with soft silver – grey leaves. Bright yellow flowers in summer. Likes fu..
Glossy evergreen with compact habit. Scented white flowers followed red berries. Good for a shady..
Sorbus aria Aurea (Gold Leaf Whitebeam)
Leaves are soft and yellow above and silver underneath.  Creates a lovely effect when the wi..
Sorbus auc. Joseph Rock (Yellow Berry Rowan)
Golden fruit with leaves that turn fiery red in autumn. ..
Sorbus aucuparia (Rowan)
A small to medium sized tree with pinnate leaves and bright red fruits. ..
Spiraea Arguta
Easy plant to look after. Produces clusters of small, pure white flowers in April and may giving ..
Spiraea Gold Mound
A dwarf compact shrub with yellow leaves that bears heads of small pink flowers. ..
Spiraea Little Princess
A low, mound forming shrub with rose-crimson flowers. ..
Spiraea Shirobana
An unusual dwarf shrub with white and deep pink flowers growing on the same and different heads. ..
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