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Azalea Blue Danube
Also known as Japanese Azaleas. Compact plants with spreading habit. Flower colour from pure whit..
Azalea luteum
A medium sized deciduous shrub with fragrant yellow flowers. ..
Bamboo (various varieties)
Various varieties of bamboo supplied potted.  Come in a range of sizes and colours from 1.2 ..
Berberis mantoba rose
This unusual specimen has light green mottled leaves with red branches and pale new growth giving..
Berberis rose glow
With purple spotted leaves this shrub will brighten up any corner of the garden. ..
Betula pendula (Common Silver Birch)
A white stemmed tree with diamond shaped leaves. ..
Betula utilis jacquemontii (Multistem),  supplied as a 3 stem tree at 2.25m ..
Betula utilis Jacquemontii (Himalyan Birch)
Glistening white bark and good autumn colour. Supplied rootballed to aid establishment. ..
Blackthorn/Sloe (Prunus spinosa)
Vigorous, almost invasive, shrub with masses of small white flowers in spring. Malteser sized bla..
Blue Spruce, supplied as a specimen tree at 80cm ..
Box Pyramids supplied at 60cm tall ..
Buddleia davidii
Popular medium sized shrub does well by the seaside and gives its best results when pruned hard i..
Buddleia globosa
Also known as the "Orange Ball Tree" this erect medium sized shrub has handsome foliage and from ..
Buddleia pink delight
This species has long panicles of bright pink flowers. ..
Buxus Balls supplied as a 30cm diameter ..
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