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Cornus Kousa (China Girl), a lovely chinese dogwood with delicate flowers.  Supplied at 1.2m..
Corylus (Hazel)
Large rough leaved shrub which bears nuts on mature plants. Best for informal shrubbery or thicke..
Cotinus Royal Purple
One of the larger summer flowering shrubs also known as the "Smoke Trees".  Royal purple has..
Cotoneaster franchetii hedging
Cotoneaster franchetii hedging. A semi-evergreen shrub with sage green foliage and orange-scarlet..
Cotoneaster horizontalis
A low growing shrub with spreading habit with branches forming a "herring bone" pattern.  Us..
Cotoneaster microphyllus
A dwarf spreding shrub forming a low mound.  Tiny white flowers are followed by small deep r..
Cotoneaster simonsii
This semi-evergreen erect shrub is very good for hedging has large scarlet fruits. Available ..
Crataegus lae. Rosea Plena
This species has double pink flowers.  Ideal tree for the small garden. Supplied bareroo..
Crataegus Pauls Scarlet (Double flowered Hawthorn)
Showers of double scarlet flowers in spring.   ..
Crocosmia (Montbretia)
Vigorous perennial. Long sword shaped leaves topped with spikes of warm orange shades of flower. ..
Cupressocyparis (Leyland Cypress)
Very popular as a fast growing screening conifer. Available in either green or gold foliage. Trim..
Cytisus Lena
A vigorous free-flowering shrub.  Flowers are deep red margined with yellow. ..
Cytisus praecox Allgold
A small shrub with sprays of long lasting yellow flowers. ..
Daboecia cantabrica f. alba
Daboecia cantabrica f. dark pink
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