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Hydrangea Hortensias
An admirable plant seen best at the seaside.  Forms large globular heads of bright pink flor..
Ilex alta. Golden King
This particular cultivar of variegated holly does well on the West Coast. Smooth almost spineless..
Ilex aqu. J.C. van Tol
A superb variety with dark, shiny almost spineless green leaves, self pollinating and produces la..
Ilex aquifolium Aurea Marginata
A small bushy tree with spiny leaves margined yellow. ..
Ilex crenata Golden gem
A small compact shrub with yellow leaves particularly attractive during winter and spring. ..
Iris sibirica Butter and Sugar
This medium Siberian iris produces flowers with white standards and bright yellow falls in late s..
Iris sibirica Perrys Blue
Sky blue flowers with white markings in May and June and slender, grey-green, strap-shaped leaves..
Kalmia latifolia (Calico bush)
Medium sized evergreen shrub with a bright display of pink flowers in June. ..
Deciduous shrub with bright green stems. We grow the double flowered cultivar ‘Pleniflora’.Tall g..
Korean Fir, a compact tree with purple cones.  supplied as a specimen tree at 1-1.2m ..
Laburnum Vossii (Laburnum)
Beautiful racemes of bright yellow flowers in spring. Supplied rootballed to aid establishmen..
Lavandula Grosso
'Grosso' is an evergreen shrub that grows up to 90cm tall, with narrow, grey-green foliage and lo..
Lavandula Hidcote
A compact form with grey-green leaves and violet dense spikes of flowers from early July. ..
Lavandula Little lady
A free flowering english lavender which produces its light blue flowers on upright stems above th..
Lavatera Burgundy Wine
Very showy vigorous shrub. Flowers are deep purplish-pink which appear over a long period during ..
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