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A broad range of evergreen and deciduous shrubs for sale all year round.

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Elaeagnus Gilt Edge
Golden margin on the leaves of this cultivar – bright splash of colour in any seaside border. ..
Escallonia Apple Blossom
An attractive slow growing variety with pink and white flowers. ..
Escallonia CF Ball
Excellent shrub for coastal exposure.  Has large aromatic leaves when bruised and crimson fl..
Escallonia Donard Seedling
A vigorous shrub growing up to 3m.  Flowers are pink in bud and open up white. ..
Escallonia Donard White
A medium sized shrub with small leaves and a compact rounded habit.  Flowers are pink in bud..
Escallonia Red Elf
A vigorous free flowering shrub with dark glossy leaves and deep crimson flowers. ..
Euonymus fortunei Emerald 'n' Gold
A striking dense dwarf form, with deep green leaves and a bright golden margin which becomes crea..
Euonymus japonica Marieke
Larger leaved cousin with bold gold and green markings. Likes a sunny position, make good screeni..
Euonymus Silver Queen
Creamy white variegation on this compact evergreen makes it a lovely addition to any border. ..
Forsythia Lynwood
Reliable favourite. Forms a large shrub which responds well to regular pruning. Rich yellow flowe..
Fuchsia Riccartonii
This hardy variety can be used as informal hedging as it grows to a large size. ..
Gaultheria procumbens
G.procumbens is a low growing evergreen forming a carpet of dark green foliage. Bright red berrie..
Griselinia littoralis
Waxy emerald green leaves. Vigorous evergreen shrub making ideal hedge for the coast. ..
Griselinia littoralis variegata
A variagated variety which is excellent as a coastal hedging plant. ..
Hamamelis (Witch Hazel)
Flowers on bare wood early in the year. Yellow flowered cultivar (Pallida) is strongly scented. C..
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