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Coastal Shrubs

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Buddleia davidii
Popular medium sized shrub does well by the seaside and gives its best results when pruned hard i..
Buddleia globosa
Also known as the "Orange Ball Tree" this erect medium sized shrub has handsome foliage and from ..
Buddleia pink delight
This species has long panicles of bright pink flowers. ..
Choisya Aztec Pearl
Similar plant to the Choisya ternata  (Mexican orange Blossom)  but with more slender f..
Choisya Sundance
The most popular cultivar of Orange Blossom. Bright yellow foliage, not many flowers but makes up..
Choisya ternata  (Mexican orange Blossom)
Dark green mound forming evergreen shrub. Shiny , strongly scented foliage with white flowers. ..
Cistus corbariensis (Sun Rose)
Rough matt green leaves with prominent white flowers in summer. Makes good dense evergreen ground..
Cistus Silver Pink
As name suggests silver/grey foliage and broad shell pink flowers. Scented foliage. ..
Cistus Sunset
Vivid rose purple flowers on mid green foliage. Full sun and dry soil for spectacular effect. ..
Cordyline australis
A good choice for an’ architectural’ feature. Strong fibrous trunk and several heads of dense swo..
Cordyline australis purpurea
A form with purple leaves. ..
Elaeagnus ebbingii
Fast growing evergreen which makes a good hedge. Attractive silver green foliage. ..
Elaeagnus Gilt Edge
Golden margin on the leaves of this cultivar – bright splash of colour in any seaside border. ..
Escallonia Apple Blossom
An attractive slow growing variety with pink and white flowers. ..
Escallonia Donard Seedling
A vigorous shrub growing up to 3m.  Flowers are pink in bud and open up white. ..
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